Vissol Forged Wheels Production

Manufacturing process

Heat treatment
The products undergo two heat treatment operations – quenching and tempering – to remove internal metal stresses.
Each blank passes several pressing operations. Then a solid wheel rim without spokes and holes is formed.
Model development
A designer develops a wheel model on the computer and calculates the required load and safety of the structure for the given vehicle.
Processing start
The process of wheel processing starts with development and loading of a 3D-model to the memory of a computer-controlled machine.
At each stage of production, the billet undergoes the necessary tests, which reveal a discrepancy in quality
Turning process
Then the blank is machined on a lathe.
Wheel hub and drilling
Then it goes to the CNC milling machine, where a certain part of the wheel is cut out: front design and mount holes. It takes about 12 hours to complete the work.
The disc is sent for painting, and then to the drying chamber.
Next, each disc undergoes final quality control and pre-sale training. The Vissol team prepares it for transportation: multi-layer packaging helps us bring the drive to its destination without damage.